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BColour Box SS24 High-Technicolour 8 pcs

BColour Box SS24 High-Technicolour 8 pcs

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Colors never come apart. They are part of a smart and innovative gel system, which allows you to work faster and earn more. This is a BColour Collection Box High Technicolour with 6 BColour colours: Bubbly Energy - Lavish Lilac - Burst of Joy - Neonectar - Arcade Lemonade - Maliblue - and the all-in-one bottles of BFLEX Clear & BSTRONG Clear.

The Good To Know

BCOLOUR is an ultra-pigmented color gel that needs to be applied in thin layers to cure well and is therefore not intended for building the nails. The most suitable gloss to use with BCOLOUR is BFLEX or BSTRONG. Just use the same BFLEX or BSTRONG bottle with which you built the nail. You can work with just one bottle of BCOLOUR. Remember to always cure your BFLEX or BSTRONG in 30 seconds of soft, even as a glossy layer.

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