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Gellak 388 Bubbly Energy 10 ml

Gellak 388 Bubbly Energy 10 ml

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The No. 1 color gel for professionals.

Life is about color! And when it comes to nails, the color should just be flawless! For perfectly coloured gel nails, there is only one option: ProNails Gellak, the best color gel on the market! Gel polish stands for perfect coverage, fast and easy application and is available in over 200 trendy and must-have colors.

The ProNails Gel Polish colors spread easily and evenly, they do not run into the cuticles, are thin and contain a large amount of pigments. They harden very quickly, in just 30 seconds FULL in the Smart Light. There is no sticky layer after curing and filing is not necessary at all. They stay long until the next refill.

What it is

  • Time-saving LED/UV gel
  • High pigmented color gel

The Good To Know

ProNails Gellak is available in over 200 phenomenal colours. The color remains perfect and does not discolor or fade to the next side effect.

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