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5D Promade Narrow Fans (900) - Mix, CC

5D Promade Narrow Fans (900) - Mix, CC

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Promade Narrow fans are smaller fans and have a slightly longer base than the super fans. This creates a beautiful dark and dense look.

Our new Promade Fans are completely hand made and heat bonded into a perfect pointed base. Of course our Promade Fans are made of the best quality pbt, super soft, flexible and intense black.

Mix 7-13 contains: 1×7, 2×8, 3×9, 4×10, 4×11, 4×12, 1×13, 1×14 Mix 7-9 contains: 5x7mm, 6x8mm and 9x9mm Mix 14-15 contains: 12x14mm and 8x15mm

Promade Fans are designed to be picked up at the base of the strip.

  • Narrow fans
  • perfectly shaped fans smart base heat bonded
  • handmade
  • 900 fans in a box
  • thickness 0.07
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