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BColour 165 Extreme White 10ml

BColour 165 Extreme White 10ml

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The queen B among color gel is the fastest color gel in a bottle that is, above all, opaque. With a single layer you achieve 100% coverage, without streaks or clouds, in both light and dark colors. You can combine this color gel with any BFLEX and BSTRONG gel. With the BCOLOURS your B Gel system is complete: you start with the acid-free Primer, choose BLFEX or BSTRONG, combine with a trendy BCOLOUR color and cure in the Smart Light for a WOW shine. 

How to use

  • Remove the sticky layer of BFLEX or BSTRONG Builder gel
  • Wipe the brush on one side near the neck of the bottle
  • Apply as close to the cuticle as possible
  • Always seal the free edge
  • Apply to all 5 fingers
  • Allow the entire hand to cure COMPLETELY in the SMART Light for 30 seconds
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