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Based on the camouflage Gel of the same name. A warm old pink with grayer undertones, a perfect passe-partout for autumn!

  • 6 Brand new BFLEX shades, to expand your choice in natural nail treatment nudies!
  • Flexible 4 in 1 Base, Build, Color & Shine Gel in a Bottle.

BFLEX is a 4-in-1 product in 1 bottle ! Due to the less number of layers, the nails look much thinner and more natural. There is no need for a separate base, builder gel, color and gloss to achieve the same look and shine. That is also more economical! 

Thanks to the 4-in-1 principle, the BFLEX treatment takes less time . Other brands often require several steps to be taken. With BFLEX, there is no longer any need to file..., and there is no longer a need for a gloss layer.

BFLEX contains no acids and is combined with an acid-free primer. The scent of BFLEX is therefore so much more pleasant in the salon!

BFLEX keeps everything as natural as possible: the product range is vegan and the amount of product on the nail is limited. It also feels as light as a feather and natural.

BFLEX is 100% made in Belgium and therefore complies with the strict European cosmetics regulations. You don't always know where other products are produced and how strictly they are regulated.

When curing BFLEX under the Smart Light in 30 seconds SOFT, the customer does not feel any heat peaks , which is of course much more pleasant!

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