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BFlex LED Gel Set III - 6 pcs - FORPÖNTUN-

BFlex LED Gel Set III - 6 pcs - FORPÖNTUN-

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BFLEX is ideal for those who love short or medium-long natural nails with an extremely thin and natural look. This gel can be applied to all nail types. Whether the nails are flexible, thin, normal, healthy, hard, dry or damaged. So nail biters are also helped with this. Thanks to the simple licent technique, the Gel will distribute itself super-fast and evenly over the nail surface. This top product does the job for you! The fastest and most efficient result is achieved in combination with the Smart Light LED lamp. In just 30 seconds you STFT out every nail and you don’t have to file. Moreover, the Smart Light also guarantees a beautiful shine.

BFLEX allows you to apply a completely new gel nail treatment, the Natural Nail Treatment, a trendy and much sought after service where you not only place the nails, but also remove and spoil the cuticles in a safe way. This complete service has another big advantage: it allows your customers to enjoy their perfectly groomed nails for longer, in fact, the combination of manicure with the application of the natural BFLEX shades will slow the outgrowth so that they will enjoy their nails longer. This is a great opportunity for you to increase your service price!

- What is it?

BFLEX LED Gels are vegan, acid-free and flexible 4-in-1 gels (basic gel, building gel, natural color and shine in 1) that bring out the natural beauty of the nails!

The Good To Know

This revolutionary vegan, acid-free 4-in-1 Flexible Gels allows you to apply the much sought-after Natural Nail Treatment to your customers in a minimum of time.

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