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Camouflage Nude LED/UV Gel 15 ml

Camouflage Nude LED/UV Gel 15 ml

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The ProNails Camouflage Nude LED/UV gel is a hard builder gel that strengthens and covers all types of nails. It has a natural skin color and is suitable for concealing nail imperfections and for lengthening short nail beds of, for example, nail biters. Generally used for a natural look or for a French manicure. The Camouflage Nude is self-levelling. The product can be mixed with other camouflage gels and with the Hard Builder Clear gel.

What it is

  • Milky skin colored hard builder gel  
  • Makes short or imperfect nail beds stronger and gives them coverage 

Why you love it

Suitable for all nail types, including nail biters!
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