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Candy Gels 5 x 8 ml

Candy Gels 5 x 8 ml

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These transparent, colored nail art gels are packed with glitters in different sizes. You can find them together in a Candy Gels Box with 5 summery shades: Strawberry, Orange, Banana, Kiwi and Blueberry. Use them together with the SS24 colors or with nudes from the B System gels, BFLEX and BSTRONG, for a fruity nail art effect. On social media you can not look next to these trendy looks, where glitters are on the cuticle, half covered under a nude shade.

How to use

The Candy Moon Ombré

  • Apply a base layer BSTRONG or BFLEX Clear and hard 30 SOFT in The Smart Light
  • Apply the Candy Gel color close to the cuticle and fade to the center of the nail, for an ombré effect and hard out 30 FULL in The Smart Light
  • Build the nail with a BFLEX or BSTRONG hue of your choice, without touching the cuticle. Do not use too much product with the cuticle to ensure that the Candy Gels remain visible. Then 30 SOFT out in The Smart Light
  • Protect your creation with a top layer of BSTRONG or BFLEX Clear and hard 30 SOFT in The Smart Light.
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