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This bit loosens the cuticle and any dead skin attached on the nail plate. Use at correct rotation speed: 3.000-6.000 RPM (low speed). Use a bit for your cuticles and save time!

Use it to easily, quickly, efficiently and electrically clean and push back cuticles. You don’t need to use extra force.

This bit is also dual rotating. Perfectly suited for left and right handed stylists. Recommended for electrical manicures and pedicures. No more scissors or nippers, no more aggressively pushing back, tearing or cutting cuticles. Just specially designed bits to do the job safely and precisely.

Your client will not experience pain during or after removal of the cuticles with a pusher and a nipper. These bits are specially designed not to damage the cuticles or the nail plate.

Make sure to disinfect the drill with Clinilotion after each customer. After each day we recommend to soak all used drills for 10 minutes in Clinilotion for thorough cleaning.

Good To Know

Dual rotation, also suitable for left-hand & right hand use



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