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GET AFFECTION – Speed Up Solution 20ml

GET AFFECTION – Speed Up Solution 20ml

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Get Affection – Speed ​​Up Solution

An absolute must-have for every eyelash stylist!
This speed-up solution accelerates the curing process of the adhesive without shock effect.
When the Speed ​​up comes into contact with the adhesive, the Speed ​​up allows the adhesive to cure faster. This is very useful when the humidity is too low and glues dry less quickly, but also to prevent stickies and to keep fans in a nice shape (easy fanning).

Low humidity:   for use when humidity is too low, apply the Speed ​​Up to the base of the eyelash extensions on the part where the extension enters the glue. The curing process begins and prevents stickies and failure.

Easy Fanning: when your humidity is up to standard and you use the Speed ​​Up with the volume technique to prevent your fans from collapsing, apply the Speed ​​Up Solution just above the base of the strip, so that you can see the part where the fan the glue goes in quite late. This prevents your fast-drying glue from drying too quickly and having no adhesion.
You dip your fan in the glue and the Speed ​​Up Solution will then prevent the glue from creeping up at the right point and thus maintain your beautifully shaped fan.

After applying the Speed ​​up, the curing process takes about 30 minutes. Then you can apply the eyelash strips again.

We do not recommend using the Speed ​​Up Solution when the humidity is on the high side for your glue, otherwise you have the chance that the glue dries too quickly.

20 ml
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