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Liquid Pearl 5 ml

Liquid Pearl 5 ml

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As we can see in fashion today, these high-tech colors are often also executed in high-tech fabrics with a silver metallic pearlescent lance. You can achieve the same metal effect with this Liquid Pearl Chrome on nails, as a trendy finish on all SS24 colors!


  • Don’t leave the bottle open too long, the liquid evaporates!
  • If the liquid is thickened, you can add a few drops of LongWear Thinner

The Good To Know

  • Faster application method than with classic chromium or auroras powders
  • No flying dust when you bring this chrome effect


  • How to use

    • As your color (e.g. Sopolish) or construction gel has an adhesive layer, remove it first with Non Acetone Polish Remover and apply the Crystal Seal, in The Smart Light max 10 (!) seconds FULL (Note: BCOLOUR and Gellak color gels do not have an adhesive layer, so here the above step is unnecessary)
    • Shake well with the Liquid Pearl Chrome bottle so that it is well mixed
    • Apply this Liquid Pearl Chrome to the unsinged BCOLOUR or Crystal Seal and wait 10 seconds for it to dry
    • Rub the chrome effect on the color with your glove/Silicon Tool/sponge
    • Finish with Sapphire Gloss or Sopolish Shine
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