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Magnifying Stamper

Magnifying Stamper

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This stamp tool is transparent and has an enlarging effect, so you can work very precisely with it. You make the most beautiful stamping nail art with it, like the summer mini-French looks with very fine narrow smile line. Often in different colors, like the multi-colour French look with the new SS24 colors on the back cover!

How to use

  • Apply BFLEX or BSTRONG Clear to the already prepared nail. Hard 30 SOFT out.
  • Remove the adhesive layer with Non Acetone Polish Remover
  • Apply a thin layer of BCOLOUR to the pestle (in a strip of line shape)
  • Hold the pestle vertically and push it against the free edge of the nail. Place the free collar just below the gel line - not in the middle - to avoid color gel under the freeboard. You can also push the pistil a little more but left and right, to express the curve of the French more. Hard 30 FULL out.
  • Do the construction phase with BSTRONG or BFLEX Clear. Hard 30 SOFT out.
  • Remove the adhesive layer with Non Acetone Polish Remover.


  • You can also apply the French after the construction phase and simply finish with a glossy BSTRONG or BFLEX Clear. Do not forget to remove the adhesive layer before you draw the smile line.
  • Do you have any stamping plates? Use it in combination with this new stamping tool! With BCOLOUR you can create a beautiful stamping look, in one single layer!
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