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Mrs. LashLift PRO Fast Setting Curling Lotion Nr. 1

Mrs. LashLift PRO Fast Setting Curling Lotion Nr. 1

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mrs. LashLift PRO is a revolutionary lashlift system that has a total application time of up to 11 minutes including dyeing the lashes!
It has been specially developed for experienced lash lift stylists and is the fastest lash lift system in the world. 

With speed comes strength, but the  Mrs. LashLift PRO is safe to use and does not damage the natural lashes. mrs. LashLift PRO is manufactured within the EU and is cruelty-free and vegan. 

mrs. LashLift PRO comes in a 5 ml luxury pen, where when the back is turned the lotion comes out of the pen at the front and the pen remains free of the air, which guarantees the quality of the lotion. 

mrs. LashLift PROopened it can be stored for 6 months and unopened it can be stored for 36 months.

mrs. LashLift PRO  Working hours:
Mrs. LashLift PRO  Lotion No. 1: Use a reaction time of 4 minutes for weaker lashes and 5 minutes for normal to stronger lashes.
mrs. LashLift PRO  Lotion No. 2: Can be mixed directly 1:1 with the eyelash dye and no extra developer needs to be added if the correct ratio is used and if the eyelashes also need to be painted. The exposure time is 6 minutes. 

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