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Nail Wipes 500 pcs

Nail Wipes 500 pcs

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Don't fluff! Even after using it several times. So they work much more pleasantly and more ecologically, because you can use them several times in 1 service.

They are thinner and are perforated (small holes). As a result, they absorb less product and you can therefore work much more economically: you only have to pump/spray once with your Pro Septic/Clinilotion/Non Aceton Remover instead of 3 times on a 'normal wipe'.

What it is

  • Nail Wipes
  • Before applying Pro Septic/Clinilotion/Non Acetone Remover/...

Good To Know

When do you use them?

  1. To clean the nail plate
  2. To remove the sticky layer from your Gel or Sopolish with Non Acetone Polish Remover (for Gel) or ProSeptic (for Sopolish)
  3. To clean your tools
  4. To remove LongWear nail polish with Non Acetone Polish Remover
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