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Discover our new design for quick and easy nail extensions! Made of high-quality aluminum paper, pinching is no longer necessary. Our unique butterfly shape, with room for a perfect lateral connection, makes application a breeze.

The self-adhesive wings provide excellent strength, making this stencil suitable for any nail shape and length, regardless of natural nail type. The striking fuchsia cutting marks point out exactly where to cut the stencil, for precise adjustment to the natural nail.

Black marking lines make it effortless to create the perfect nail shape, whether you choose oval or straight. Number markings ensure equal length of all nails, guaranteeing a uniform look.

And for extra ease of use, we've added a practical tear line between each stencil on the roll, so you can tear off a piece quickly and cleanly. Make nail extensions simple, strong and stylish with our advanced stencils!

What is it?

  • Strong paper material in a rounded shape adapts as the best shape for the larger nail bed.
  • Ideal product for people who bite their nails


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