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Nourishes and restores!

With the new Vital Nail Serum you’ll never have to choose again. A small yet important step in the Sopolish Protect& Peel treatment! The nails are being cared for thanks to a nourishing serum applied to the nails underneath the Vital Nail Skin. Sopolish Protect & Peel doesn’t just take care of beautifully polished nails for two whole weeks, it’s the only peel-off system that really nourishes and protects the natural nails at the same time! While the nails are safely wrapped in Vital Nail Skin, your clients will enjoy a complete nourishing treatment with the new Vital Nail Serum. A real nail therapy lasting 2 entire weeks! This way you’ll effectively repair the nails while making them stronger and healthier than ever before!

  • Creates a base for Sopolish Protect&Peel that lengthens the wear time of the manicure
  • Nourishes & restores the natural nail
  • Contains natural silk proteins to prevent dehydration
  • Contains keratin to create more strength
  • Contains vitamin B & vitamin H and helps your nails grow faster
  • Contains magnesium & calcium to help your nails grow
  • Used with Sopolish Protect & Peel or as a daily treatment


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